Clint Groom - Senior Design Director for American Eagle Outfitters

Clint Groom

A graduate of Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Clint Groom holds a bachelor of arts in fashion design. The senior design director for American Eagle Outfitters in New York City, Clint Groom designs men’s denim, pants, and shorts. He regularly travels to Asia to work with the company’s cross-functional partners to achieve the brand’s distinctive design aesthetic.

Mr. Groom also stands out as the creator of Flex Design, a concept that has transformed the men’s denim industry and has led designers to include high-stretch fabric in men’s denim products. Actively involved in the core of the Flex Design process, Mr. Groom helps engineer the fabric to perfect the fit of the final product.

In his free time, Mr. Groom enjoys staying active through outdoor sports such as surfing and soccer. His soccer team competes in tournaments across the globe. Also an avid traveler, he has been to multiple destinations in Asia and enjoys learning about different cultures.